This is us

So here I am, finally getting around to starting this blog! I live in a little Cornish village on the edge of the moors and not far from the sea. I am a mother of two. My gorgeous 3yr old boy is full of such energy, kindness and curiosity. He has a little brother who was born forever sleeping; I hold him in my heart in all that we do.

Life is beautiful.The world is an amazing place and I have the privilege of seeing it through my child’s eyes. That infectious sense of wonder and inquisitive exploration. Humbling and inspiring.

Here is a snippet of our play in nature, I look forward to sharing more of our journey…

Country walks and changing trees; a feather caught upon the breeze.

Painting with colours that swirl in a dream; jumping waves that make us scream.

     DSC_1684  DSC_2905

Snuggling with books in our comfy chair; a moorland picnic in the fresh air.

Squelching in mud, drawing in sand; feeling smooth clay squish in our hands.

212   2305

A spider web glistening in the sun; cooking together and make-believe fun!

Racing cars and building towers; the smell of the garden after a shower.

   119  226

Finding treasures -pebbles or fir cones; scooping them up to play with at home.

Watching the sunset, the moon and stars; just being together, wherever we are.

1774 259

A tiny flower that catches our eye; a dove, a rainbow or butterfly.

We are a three but seen only are two; his presence is felt in all that we do.

205  353

Living and loving despite the pain; and so this is us -dancing in the rain!


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