Spring Offerings


We have been enjoying nature’s little Spring gifts. Exclamations of ‘Look Mummy!’ on discovering another bud has opened. Getting started on the gardening again. Cutting back the old and sowing the first seeds of the year. Finding little treasures, exploring them in new ways.

Petal painting

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  We have been reading these books celebrating the new season (see Goodreads link in the + button below).


We found some wool on the moors which led to many wonderings and a new experience for both of us –wet felting. There is something soul-satisfying to be able to make something with your own hands. These eggs were an easy starter and perfect for little hands.


We used complementing colours of wool roving (available from craft shops and online) which we split lengthways into quarters and rolled tightly into a ball.


We dipped it into hot water and rubbed in a circular motion with a little washing up liquid. It’s helpful if the adult does this bit to start with until the fibres begin to matt together. Keep dipping it in the water -this helps the wool to shrink.

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Lots of splashing and bubbly fun! Concentrating on rolling it between his palms. Learning how to handle it delicately (by finding out what happens when you squish it!) I helped him shape the end so it was more egg-like and then he rinsed and set aside to dry.


I wonder what will hatch out of these magical eggs?

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  1. Wonderful spring projects! So nice to take advantage of getting fresh air and then making connections with learning and creating inside! Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations on being a featured fan over at Paper Issues!


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