30 Days Wild!


We’ve signed up to The Wildlife Trust’s #30dayswild challenge to make room for nature and complete 30 random acts of wildness throughout June.

The cast came off today just in time for Day 1 so of course we celebrated this by having a little dance in the rain…


I’m putting together a post about how we were able to enjoy nature even with the challenges of wearing a hip spica cast! But in the meantime you can follow our daily ‘wild’ cast-free updates on Instagram: @Jenni_isdancingintherain and Facebook: Dancing in the Rain

And why not join in too? It’s not too late to sign up!

6 thoughts on “30 Days Wild!

  1. Jenni you must be so pleased to be cast free! Oh the possibilities it throws up for you are endless. I’ve not heard of the Wildlife Trust 30 day challenge but it sounds like a great way to motivate some outdoor fun for June and the weather is supposed to be on our side soon too! Dancing in the rain barefoot by the looks of it looks a great way to kick off your challenge. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids and I look forward to hearing about the next 29 days!


    • Thanks Fiona, we are! He is so much happier already and enjoying the freedom of movement. He even managed to crawl this morning 🙂

      I only found out about 30 Days Wild at the last minute -it’s their first year doing it but looks to be a successful event already!

      Thanks for having us on #CountryKids!


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