Leaf Print EcoBag

To celebrate the new ‘carrier bag tax’ we made our own reusable leaf print bag full of the colours of Autumn.


We collected some leaves on our walk and afterwards I left out this invitation to print with them. I put some red, yellow and brown fabric paints in a large dish and put cardboard inside the plain cotton bag I had laid out so he was all set up to get straight to it.


He enjoyed the freedom to print on such a big area and loved seeing the pattern each leaf made when he lifted it up. It also gave an opportunity to experiment with mixing colours as well as his own investigations. “I don’t know what this leaf is, maybe we could look in an Autumn book”. So afterwards we did a bit of tree identification.

IMG_20151009_083248 IMG_20151008_191646-1 DSC_1757 DSC_1760

We talked about the differences between plastic carrier bags and fabric ones. He said “Plastic bags don’t rot down. They just stay there for all our lives”. We try to live consciously and respect our environment, reusing and recycling where we can. However, we have a long way to go and I’m always looking for ways to reduce our impact on nature. This is a fun and simple activity to get children involved in thinking about how the way we live affects the world around us.

 IMG_20151009_083127 IMG_20151008_191505

After the paint dried, I ironed it on the reverse (using an old towel for protection as it leaves a yellow mark) and it was ready to use. He was so excited to take our new bag to the farm shop to buy some vegetables!


10 thoughts on “Leaf Print EcoBag

  1. What a lovely idea – so simple yet effective. I have to confess I love the outdoors but the craft thing is usually something I wither away from – I think even I could be brave enough to give this one a go…! Thank you for sharing! x


  2. A great idea to make your bag bespoke and add value to it and a lovely way to look at autumn together. The leaves are beautifully dry and abundant at the moment too. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids and you could pop this one on my monthly link up Trash 2 Treasure too, it is a great upcycling tutorial!


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