Seed Eggs


In Spring, the Earth is awakening from its Winter sleep. We too feel this new energy and clean our homes, dusting off the cosy layers of Winter. We prepare our gardens and sow seeds in anticipation of a future harvest. New ideas and projects spur us into action.

Signs of new life are everywhere. The egg, often given at Easter time, is a symbol of this. We made these seed eggs to give to our family and friends to represent the energy of Spring and as a symbol of seed ideas maturing and growing through the seasons.

We mixed together half compost and half clay with just a little clay. This was a lot of messy fun!

DSC_0872 DSC_0875 DSC_0878

We then mixed in some seeds. I chose rainbow poppies and love-in-a-mist because these represent my forever baby and I like the idea that there will be little reminders of him in many gardens.

DSC_0873     DSC_0879

We formed the mixture into egg shapes (he needed a little help with this).


And left them to dry. An egg box held them perfectly and they didn’t stick.


I wrapped them in colourful tissue paper and tied with some yellow wool. I attached a little note with the flower names and instructions to leave the eggs somewhere suitable in the garden and let the rain work its magic!

        IMG_20160326_165504    DSC_0884

A lovely alternative to chocolate eggs and the flowers will also help to attract much needed bees to our gardens!