Wood Sorrel Tea


Recently we found some wood sorrel in the woods we often visit. The pretty little white flowers caught my eye as we played in the stream. We returned the next day, basket in hand to pick some to make a woodland tea.


Wood sorrel is easily identifyable, having three heart shaped leaves. They can be open as pictured above but are quite often folded over. The dainty flowers can vary in colour but all wood sorrel is edible (and there are no poisonous plants that look similar).

*Wood sorrel shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities as it contains oxalic acid (also found in spinach and rhubarb etc). It is generally safe for most people but have a read up on it before forgaing.*

DSC_2202-1     DSC_2203     IMG_20160428_121419

We only collected what we needed for our brew and set off home (after a quick play in the stream of course!)


We washed the leaves then put them in the teapot, tearing them up a little to release the flavours.


We had a little nibble of on a leaf whilst we waited for the tea to brew. A refreshing sour lemon taste (although he wasn’t quite so keen!)


A little stir of honey and it was ready to drink.

IMG_20160428_121145     IMG_20160428_121116

And the verdict? “Mmm that was the yummiest ‘white flower’ tea. Can we pick some again?”


(I think it would be even tastier sipped outside with water boiled over a fire next time…)

There is something quite special about finding and eating/drinking something that is growing in the wild (and even harvesting food you have grown yourself). It is a connection to our Earth that we seem to have lost with the advancement of the modern age. I also love that nature allows me to be constantly learning and trying new things.