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Last year we took part in The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild which encourages people to do something wild each day in June. It also coincided with my son having his hip spica cast removed so it was lovely to watch him learn to walk again and take his first steps outside (have a look at our adventures here). We’ve signed up again this year and are looking forward to getting closer to nature!


We are out and about in nature most days anyway and have a love and appreciation for our natural world but this campaign is great to really focus on making an effort to notice nature, learn something new, help our wildlife and to connect with fellow nature lovers!

Nature is my connection.


Nature is my connection to my son. I see the world through his eyes and my own outlook is renewed. Having a child makes you slow down through this busy life and really stop and notice the smell of a dandelion, the scuttle of a beetle, new buds on trees. The sound of the rain, how good mud feels, tiny creatures in rockpools. Each of these (and more) he approaches with such excitement and I can’t help but be caught up in that! He says he loves to dance in the rain and the wind and in the falling leaves. I hope he always feels this way.


Nature is my connection to my baby boy, who I carry forever in my heart. A sky filled with sunset colours, a rainbow making its quiet appearance, a butterfly that delights us with its presence. A tiny feather, a gentle breeze, a new flower opening. All reminders of my precious son.

Nature is my connection to our beautiful planet and all the plants and creatures that we share our Earth with. I am constantly amazed by the beauty and wonder of the natural world, it is uplifting and inspiring.  I feel connected to the rhythm of life through the changing seasons and to my ancestors who walked this ancient land before me.


Nature is my connection to like-minded people who are sharing their love of this wild life through 30 Days Wild! It was good to make those connections through Instagram and the Facebook Group last year and I am looking forward to doing so again this year!

We were excited to receive our pack through the post (although you don’t need one to participate – we had no problem joining in last year without one!) and enjoyed looking through the Random Acts of Wildness and discussing what we would like to do.


We are hoping to spend our Wild Days visiting a Nature Reserve, discovering new wildlife, making leaf boats, sowing seeds, rock pooling, walking through the countryside, spotting the deer that left tracks down by the stream, having lots of picnics, identifying new plants, cleaning a beach, playing in mud, making a bug hotel, foraging and hopefully our first camping trip in our new tent!

I’ll be blogging about our adventures along the way and you can also follow our random acts of wildness each day on Instagram and Facebook.

If you would like to join in (it doesn’t matter if you’ve missed a few days) then please visit

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  1. This sounds like a great program! We have one nearby called LNCI / Leave no child inside. I love watching the kids learn about the flowers, bugs and nature in general. 😁


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