Walnut Sail Boats


The sun is shining but my little boy is feeling a bit under the weather so this afternoon we made some walnut boats to set sail on our mini pond (more about the pond to come in a future post!)  It was such a lovely quiet activity to do together so I thought I’d share it with you while he is snoozing.

We’ve had lots of walnut shells hanging around since Christmas. Some have become little instruments and some are outside for playing with and some I have saved for little crafts…

I broke up a tealight and melted the wax in a little foil dish in the oven at 100 degrees. The dish was perfect as I could mould a little spout and was cool enough for my son to hold and pour the wax in. Obviously be very careful with the hot wax!

As it cooled we stuck little twigs in for the masts.

Once the wax had set we poked two holes in a leaf and a rose petal to make little sails and threaded them onto the mast.


And then they were ready to set sail! Oh the adventures they had…

Such a simple activity, and by no means an original idea, but the simple ones are often the best. It was perfect for just sitting and playing when feeling a little poorly. Becoming lost in an imaginary world for a few moments. Looking at or playing with water is always therapeutic no matter your age. We’ll take them down to the stream for more water fun when he has a little more energy!

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